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Indian River Coffee

Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Antigua

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Coffee Grind


Our lightest roast, single-origin that is bright and flavorful with notes of chocolate, lemon, apple, and toffee, with a smooth and moderate mouthfeel. Made from 100% Arabica beans that are grown in Guatemala, a Central American country with rich diversity and optimal growing conditions.

Caring for the Environment

The farm has a variety of programs in place that ensure a sustainable model. Due to the high levels of water usage in the wet-milling process, the farm has established reabsorption wells connected to its water-efficient mill. The wells allow water used for wet milling to sit for three days for the sediment to fall to the bottom of the wells and be removed. This prevents waste-water runoff that can be hazardous for the environment and for people.

Another of the farm’s sustainability-based initiatives is its vermiculture program. Coffee pulp and dirt are mixed together and then offered as a home to red African worms, which digest the pulp. The resulting compost is full of macro- and micro-nutrients that nourish all the plants on the farm. Any extra compost is sold to local farmers.

The farm also reuses parchment. Once it has been removed from the beans, the parchment is stored in silos and used as fuel for the farm’s machine dryers.

In addition to caring for the environment, the farm takes care of its team. It has a health clinic that treats more than 4,000 patients annually. Founded in 2006, the clinic is named after Arturo and is free to the farm’s employees, suppliers and their families.

Coffee Processing

Once the cherries have been harvested, with pickers paying close attention to pick only the perfectly ripe cherries, they are brought to the wet mill where they are place in floating tanks to remove any under-ripe cherries.

Next, the cherries are pulped and then put into fermentation tanks for 12 to 18 hours, after which the mucilage is removed. The beans are dried for two days on a patio and then for 35 hours in a drying machine before drying for a final day on a patio.

Finally, the beans are rested in parchment for 30 days, before the parchment is removed and the beans are sorted by color and size and placed in GrainPro bags.

Proudly, El Tempixque is APCA Certified as a Genuine Antigua coffee.

Cupping notes

Complex, chocolate-covered raspberry, citrus, sweet, very clean; bright, juicy acidity.

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