Indian River Coffee offers the best coffees at the best prices online. We roast thousands of pounds of coffee each month to perfection.

 CoffeeCategoryTaste12 oz BagRoastOriginStrength
Signature Blends

Caribbean RoastSignature Blend...bold finish pleasant aftertaste..$9.79 DarkCosta Rica, SumatraVery Strong
Breakfast BlendSignature Blends...very rich, flavorful...$9.79 DarkCosta Rica, Columbia, SumatraStrong
Italian EspressoSignature Blends...full body, slightly acidic... $9.79 EspressoColumbia, SumatraVery Strong
San Francisco BlendSignature flavor and bright acidity... $9.79 Full cityColombiaVery Strong
Sweet Dreams - DecafSignature Blends...slightly acidic brew without the caffeine kick...$10.79 DarkKenya, Sumatra, ColumbiaStrong
Indian River House BlendSignature Blends... a light, lively flavor and rich aroma...$9.79 MediumColumbia, SumatraMedium
Killer 'CaneSignature Blends..feisty, full city blend...$11.49 Full cityColumbia, KenyaMedium
Old Bahama BlendSignature Blends...smooth, yet full body coffee, with no aftertaste...$9.79 Full cityCosts Rica, Kenya, SumatraMedium
French RoastSignature Blends...very dark and nutty flavor...$9.79 DarkColumbiaVery Strong
Straight Varietals

Sumatra 'Mandheling'Straight Varietals...heavy, fully body, mild acidity, and a complex herbal aroma...$9.79 DarkSumatraStrong
Colombia SupremoStraight Varietals...medium body, moderate acidity, and a distinctive heady aroma...$9.79 CityColumbiaMedium
Costa Rica TarrazuStraight Varietals...tangy aroma, sparkling acidity, and rich overtones...$9.79 CityCosta RicaLight
Kenya 'AA'Straight Varietals...intense flavor, pointed acidity and a bright, hearty character...$11.49 MediumKenyaStrong
Flavored Coffees

Chocolate AlmondFlavored Coffees $9.79 MediumColumbiaMedium
French Vanilla AlmondFlavored Coffees $9.79 MediumColumbiaMedium
HazelnutFlavored Coffees $9.79 MediumColumbiaMedium
Santa's Favorite / Nutty NutFlavored Coffees $9.79 MediumColumbiaMedium
Snicker DoodleFlavored Coffees $9.79 MediumColumbiaMedium
Southern PecanFlavored Coffees $9.79 MediumColumbiaMedium
Home Roasting

Colombian Supreme, Green - DecafGreen BeanHome Roasting$8.99 Columbia
Colombian Supreme, Green - RegularGreen BeanHome Roasting$7.99 Columbia
Costa Rican Tarrazu, Green - RegularGreen BeanHome Roasting$8.99 Costs Rica
Kenya 'AA', Green - RegularGreen BeanHome Roasting$10.99 Kenya
Sumatra 'Mandheling', Green - RegularGreen BeanHome Roasting$8.99 Indonesian